Havit HV-ND97 720P Webcam featured with Manual focus method. This webcam has 2mega Dynamic pixel with CMOS Mage Sensor, 30fps/s(VGA) Speed, YUV2 Output format. The Havit webcam is also comes with highest 150Lux, lowest 2Lux light requirement, 50HZ or 60HZ more frequency control, BMP/JPG Static captured image format, AVI Dynamic captured image format, clear and legible sound.720P External microphone, 10 to 40 degree with USB2.0 transmit format. It is built in 1080 built-in high-quality noise reduction microphone, Speaking normally within 10 to 40 degree of pickup distance, clear and legible sound, 720P External microphone with USB2.0 transmit format.

*** 1 Year Warranty ***


Product size : CM

Focusing method : Manual focus

Dynamic pixel : 2mega 

Image Sensor : CMOS 

Speed : 30fps/s(VGA)

Output format : YUY2 

Type of plug : USB2.0 High Speed´╝łIsochronous).

Light requirement : highest 150Lux, lowest 2Lux

Imaging distance : 50mm 

More frequency control : 50HZ or 60HZ 

Static captured image format : BMP/JPG 

Dynamic captured image format : AVI

Built-in : high-quality noise reduction microphone, 

                speaking normally within 10 meters of pickup distance, 

                clear and legible sound.

Pickup distance : 2 m

Working temperature : 10 to 40 degree 

USB transmit format : USB2.0


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